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The Startup Suite is built for the entrepreneur and independent artist that wants to get their career off the ground. The idea behind Online Management in Your Pocket without paying an arm and a leg. 

We are providing the affordable valuable solution to artist management without the wordy contracts or the hassle.

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When you need a team and can’t afford salaries just yet, there should be a solution. SND found that solution and decided what is the best most affordable to deliver this to the music industry. 


We are here to provide you as an artist with all the tools and consulting necessary to be successful in your music career.


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24/7 CEO & Founder Access

When you have a question on anything from creative 2 to how should you go about signing your next deal, you will have an easy point of contact with us. Our Founders and CEOs are available 24/7 for your questions and needs. When you subscribe you will get their Whatsapp contact information. You also have no limit to how many questions you can ask per day .

Community Call

Once each week we have a private community call where artists, entrepreneurs, and all independent operators get together to have exchange value. In this call you get the chance to  ask questions that needs a call and not a text message. One the greatest uses of this call is for those who used all their consulting hours in that quarter.

Clear Guide To Guidance


When you first start something new, the purpose of having a mentor is to help avoid some of the harder to see mistakes and obstacles that are to come. Most times this can help circumvent how long you take to achieve your goals as well as how likely you are to achieve your goals.


After getting into the groove you will start to notice you can be more efficient in certain areas. You will notice in other areas you may need team members but we have your solution already prepared for you. Use the button below and schedule your first call for free.


The advanced user knows their strengths and weaknesses clearly. You know you need guidance on the larger picture movements in you artists career. The direct things such as web management, advisor, deal closer, contract reviewer, we got you covered!


This recording is FIRE! Level up your organization & motivation in under 2 hours!


The education in this space is fire!


@SNDedu is live! Today's hot topic: How to name and raise your price. Valuable insight for everyone creating in this space, providing services and more.


Salute to @SNDedu bringing education to indie artists in the space. We building!

How Do You Get Started


Choose Your Level

Each Suite is based on the needs of the artist. If you feel you are going to need more consulting hours or hands on help, you should find yourself between the Executive & Startup Suite. If you are in need of direct hands on affordable management the CEO Suite is your home.


Schedule Your Entry Call

The entry calls are very important if you are in between which Suite is the best fit for you. We took the time to curate around the everyday needs of todays artists. If you have any question they can get answered in this call CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR ENTRY CALL


Make A Plan With Us

Your entry call isn't just about finding out which plan you are best fit for, we also are looking to make sure we provide you with a solid plan for moving forward. This plan is great even if you decide to move forward without subscribing with us.


Grow & Execute

After choosing your tier and having your planning meeting with us, we are on course to grow with you. Together we embark on the difficulties of navigating your career. If you have any questions schedule your entry call with us.

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All Your Questions

Each Suite serves a different level of an artist’s career. If you need a more hand on experience you may be in need of the entrepreneurship tier . If you are just looking to get inside the product and see how it feels you can find yourself in the Startup Suite


Startup Suite $9.99/Mo


Entrepreneur Suite $49.99/mo


Executive Suite $99.99/mo


CEO Suite $250/mo 


If you would like to upgrade or downgrade between subscription the amount paid from the previous month would be applied to whichever Suite tier you choose.

If you would like to become an affiliate of the EIA Suite use the affiliate signup tab in our main menu or you can simply Click Here

Through our affiliate program after applying and receiving your link you are paid out immediately from each referred sale that you make. Affiliates make 15% of each sale and 5% of your referred monthly users.


For example if you bring in 10 users for the entrepreneur  suite that would award you $150 in SAME DAY commission and $25 each month in payouts from the subscribers that stay a part of the program.

If you need more consulting hour simply contact our customer service number on the website or you can at anytime just write to the Founders when your inside the subscription and they will help you navigate obtaining more consulting hours.

If you cancel in the middle of the month you will have the rest of the month to finish out your subscription. If you cancel your subscription within 16 hours you will be given your money back.

Entrepreneur & Independent Artist

We are giving a ton of value away in one product and have a great deal of confidence there is a fit for everyone. However, if you cancel your subscription within 16 hours you will be given your money back.