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The music industry has been in need of a company with the initiatives of Sound Education for decades now. The birth of SND Education stemmed from a group of great minds coming together to build the best tools, communities, companies, and education for the music industry. The “free lunch” for the starving artist if you will.

Sound Education has made it our mission to deliver palatable content with a focus on music business education and practical business principles for the masses. Through the years the education in the music industry has been very linear in progression, yet the cost of education for the same information has risen +100% in just a matter of 10 years.

Seeing the rising cost in education and lack of access to free and reasonably priced education. SND decided to combat this issue with the development of one very innovative educational model. “One of the first thoughts was, how do we pay people for learning?”…. Read More

what Does SND Stand For?


Music Business Education

After speaking and helping thousands of artists, the need for Sound Education is evident throughout the current landscape of the music industry. Here at SND we have an initiative to provide palatable music business education to todays artists and entrepreneurs alike.


Transparent Management

Management in the music industry has been a very taboo subject. Beyond this the idea of transparency has held back the true progression of the industry. We are changing that one transparent deal at a time, artists should be able to be proud of the deals they sign.


Blockchain Education

The integration of the blockchain in the music industry is already here. The future innovations and how they will effect the industry as a whole is yet to be realized. With this large shift SND, will not only help with education of integration but easily accessible information.

Music Business Education

Each month we look to put together valuable music business education seminars throughout the United States. Ideally in a classroom or auditorium setting. If you have any interest in more information or getting in touch with SND for organization click below.

Artist & Brand Management

Brand management, social media, booking, recording, planning...the general responsibilities of a recording artist can get lengthy and stressful. We believe in transparency and creating better processes and building great businesses with artists.

Join Our Team!

We are always growing and looking for talented individuals. If you are interested in carving out your space in the music industry, being innovation forward, and ready to begin your journey use the button below. We are going through applications as we speak.

SND Education Hour is a daily Twitter space held by our SND team. (Monday – Friday) Each week we cover some of the most valuable topics for independent artists and entrepreneurs. Find a seat with us next week, here are a few topics we’ve covered recently!


“How To Be a Better Leader”

“How To Name & Raise Your Price”

“Underpriced & Overlooked Attention”

“How To Use & Acquire Customer Data” 

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